Investment Strategy

Essential Service Oriented Real Estate Investments

Gadsden Growth Properties, Inc. (Gadsden) intends to capitalize on long-standing relationships and market mispricing in properties below the acquisition threshold of the typical publicly traded REIT and Private Equity Fund. We target under-capitalized, under-developed, distressed, or mismanaged properties. Gadsden management expects to utilize our decades of experience and asset management to deliver strong NOI growth. We believe our strategy should lead to greater total returns supported by strong and consistent cash flows. We seek properties with strong cash flow spread across short, mid and long-term leasing for current income and future growth. Gadsden intends to invest in essential service oriented real estate focusing on the demographic demands in America’s population. Gadsden seeks to acquire retail and mixed-use real estate assets where people want to live, eat and play.

Houston, TX (4)
Denver, CO (21)
Salt Lake City, UT (124)
Phoenix, AZ (6)
Oklahoma City, OK (27)
Tempe, AZ (138)
San Antonio, TX (7)
Las Vegas, NV (29)
Provo, UT (240)

Dallas, TX (9)
Albuquerque, NM (59)
Boulder, CO (276)
Austin, TX (11)
Scottsdale, AZ (92)
Santa Fe, NM (391)
Fort Worth, TX (16)
Little Rock, AR (118)

(  ) U.S. population rating by size

Income Stability Through Better Property Operations, Leasing and Asset Management

  • Dependable and varied income stream;
  • Long-term income with value added upside

 Investment segments located in the Southwestern United States, where we have extensive experience, and focusing on non-gateway cities, with less competition, captures higher cash flow and better overall returns. These cities all have growing populations, diverse employment and favorable cost of living, attractive to each demographic set Gadsden seeks to service. Gadsden seeks to acquire retail and mixed-use real estate assets to target multi-generational users across the U.S. Gadsden favors major employment centers, university towns, state capitals with recreational facilities nearby, which provides for a stable work force with positive net population growth. Gadsden’s investment strategy allows its shareholders to own real estate in towns that offer a quality of life that inspires visitors, employers and recreational amenities.