Gadsden Growth Properties, Inc. is a Maryland corporation that was formed on August 11, 2016. Gadsden’s business strategy will focus on the acquisition, development and management retail and mixed-use real estate in secondary and tertiary cities in the United States. Gadsden is currently looking to expand in the U.S. Southwest, including Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico. Gadsden intends to capitalize on the market mispricing in smaller properties, including under-capitalized, under-developed, distressed, or mismanaged properties, using the long-standing relationships that its senior management team has cultivated in the commercial real estate industry.



Gadsden Growth Properties was named after the historically significant Gadsden Purchase. The purchase of 30,000 square miles from Mexico in 1853 for $10 million dollars was negotiated by James Gadsden the American Ambassador to Mexico. The land was purchased to ensure territorial rights for a practical southern railroad route to the pacific coast. At the time, Mexico needed cash badly, allowing for the very advantageous purchase price. Gadsden Growth Properties has never wavered from this inherent strategy and remains at the core of every real estate transaction – seeking advantageous purchase opportunities to create long-term value.